…Sandra Torralba…

Experimental Photography

Artist’s statement
I had for a while a long statement that attempted to explain who I am and why do I do what I do. It made sense to write it. I had just turned my life upside down: I abandoned my job and professional career to become a photographer as I moved back to my home town after 4 years abroad. I needed to understand and make sense of my life to whistand the vertigo and the trepidation I was experiencing.
Now the vertigo is gone. Its always the same with changes and crisis.
It is not the first time I have left almost everything or totally changed career paths. When asked I often come up with reasonable and satisfying explanations about the reasons why, but I believe its more faithful to reality to accept that there is only a part to be explained and that the rest is a mixture between opportunity, luck and motivation.
On opportunity, luck and motivation: I had an alright childhood but my lack of tools to digest some events and emotions led to a difficult adolescence. Then after I retrieved myself I devoted many years to learn and indeed to help others in healing and understanding. I started medicine and left in the third year, then graduated in social work, then graduated in psychology, and during these years at the same time I studied a 3years masters in Intregrative Counselling and a diploma in Sexual therapy, plus a one year diploma in Humanistic Counselling. For around 4 years I worked mostly within acute mental health units, forensic rehabilitation settings and with individuals with severe psychosocial needs. Throughout the years I began to feel some heaviness, that of all the stored horrors my clients had gone through and would go through. That of my own. Client’s memories become somehow your own and there were days were it was difficult to let go. Creating, in whatever form, helped me maintain the balance. When I finished my MSc thesis and as we decided to come back to Spain, I saw my life could take a different path. I did not truly decide to stop being a therapist, I decided to allow myself be a photographer.
And it took everything over.
These days I feel most contained and happy.
If you have any queries, questions, projects you want to share with me, please do email me. I am also open to participate in any kind of project, work, proposal that is interesting. You can contact me at info@sandratorralba.com either in English, Spanish, French or Italian.

A lot more to see…


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