//…Sergey Neamoscou…// Sergey Neamoscou is a…

//…Sergey Neamoscou…//

Sergey Neamoscou is a talented analog photographer born in Moscow in 1981. At the moment he lives in Paris. He always considered himself a “post card” which was sent to the wrong address and to the wrong country. He is in love with soviet cameras and shooting expired

“When I was a kid,” writes Moscow-born photographer Sergey Neamoscou, “my favorite pastime was looking through my dad’s photo albums. There were photos from his youth, his military service… Even today, I still love looking through people’s photo albums, but I always dread those last few pages, not because it’s over, no―because they are always empty.”
read more: https://urlzs.com/DV4mw

tumblr: https://ift.tt/2YV3SZA
flickr: https://urlzs.com/qBmzT
insta: https://urlzs.com/y7bWg
#sergeyneamoscou #verocskakosch #vkac #photography

from Tumblr https://verocskakoschsartcorner.tumblr.com/post/186981637053

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