10937639_10204948100115982_865237676_nVerocska Kosch is a Hungarian painter, photographer, art network creator and social media expert born 1975 in Budapest, now based in Cologne, Germany. She is from a well-known Hungarian family of artists, and has been painting since 1985. A slight detour for an education at school and study abroad in Heidelberg, study at the School of Teacher Education in Budapest, (teacher for primary school with additional qualification for German as a foreign language) all lead back  to painting, which is her actual professional determination. In 1999 she moved to Germany and studied Ethnology, Art history and German Literature at the University of Cologne. Then she returns more intensively to painting. The birth of her children Réka and Benjamin came in 2004 and 2006. Soon exhibitions follow, and in 2008 she becomes active in arts management and creation of her first online artist network Pieronymus Art Network, as a Co-Founder beside her father Pieronymus Kosch. In 2011 she starts with her first project Koschy Art Design. 2012 brings Verocska in contact with the American artist and curator Frank Shifreen. Together they create in Luxembourg a common art project, painting at the same time on the same painting together. This common technique found them breaking their normal routine, the retracted structures repetitions. This artistic collaboration like a well-done jam session, where a musician and another spontaneously enters and reacts. Verocska feels that their pictures are created by randomness. Theme and composition were not planned in advance; they leave her subconscious guiding the brush, and they listen to their inner vibrations. Since her beginnings with Frank Shifreen Simultaneous Technique, she has since performed with other artists together, including with Trash Treasure (Tel Aviv), Margaréta Turós (Budapest) and Sigrid Hutter (Feldkirch). In April 2012, she started Verocska Kosch’s Art Corner Facebook site, which has in the past 4 years, found more than 23,000 fans. Verocska Kosch is an artist who has accumulated over many years impressions, images and ideas that flow now concentrated in their own artistic work. This succeeds in converting the unfortunate coincidence of their lives in to a happy formula. As increasing artists arrive in her life, their own freedom and their own style of painting come as well!

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