//…Shomei Tomatsu…//
“Eiko Ôshima, Actress in the Film Shiiku (Prize Stock),” 1961. http://ift.tt/1TC1xIL

//…矢頭 保 Tamotsu Yatō…//
Tamotsu Yato (矢頭 保 Yatō Tamotsu?, 1928(?) – May 1973) was a Japanese photographer and occasional actor responsible for pioneering Japanese homoerotic photography and creating iconic black-and-white images of the Japanese male. He was a friend and collaborator of the writer Yukio Mishima and the film critic Donald Richie, as well as a long-term romantic partner of Meredith Weatherby, an expatriate American publisher and translator of Mishima’s works into English. Yato completed three volumes of photography.
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//…UTAGAWA Kunisada …//
(歌川国貞 二代 Japanese, also known as UTAGAWA Toyokuni Ⅳ, 1823-1880)
The famous Kabuki actor TAKEDA Harunobu (TAKEDA Shingen). From the series “Gishi Eimei-den no Uchi”. 義士英名伝之内, 1866.
Original woodblock print